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Dublin 4

Purpose of role

To provide legal advice to the Bank`s Residential Mortgage Businesses Legal areas covered include:Conveyancing Law of mortgages Consumer credit / Consumer protection Legal Due diligence (in the context of securitization schemes and other funding programs carried out by the Bank ) The taking of Security Loan recoveries & restructures Security enforcement, Advice on strategic Financial Services Ombudsman complaints. Advice on the Advertising and marketing of mortgage and ancillary insurance products

Key responsibilities

Essential key requirements

Ensure that BOIMB & BOI (mortgage Businesses) are supplied with sound and timely legal advice to enable them to make business decisions taking account of legal risk and implications of such decisions. Analyze legal issues and risks for BOIMB & BOI Underwriting units, regarding the provisions of mortgage facilities and taking of security and propose actions and make recommendations to prevent and /or mitigate any risks. Determine the acceptance/non-acceptance of qualifications on title and other legal issues notified by Borrowers/Borrowers` solicitors to BOIMB & BOI Completions & Customer Relationship Units. Identify & /or Advise on and authorize required changes/improvements to terms and conditions of BOIMB & BOI Facility letters and security documentation Consider and plan enhancements to the Businesses` legal and security taking, procedures and documentation. Develop active co-operation with colleagues in the mortgage business units (including Underwriting, Security Operations, Mortgage Arrears Support & Compliance Units ) and the BOI branch network. Represent Group Legal Services and the Bank Group actively participate in Industry organizations. Liaise with business units in order to develop new systems methods of interactions and approaches to mortgage workflow Produce advertising guidelines and vet advertising and marketing campaigns and associated documentation and literature (including in media other than print) to ensure compliant and effective campaigns. Advise where proceedings are threatened or issued against BOIMB or BOI and work with GLS colleagues who manage defence litigation for the Group. Review and plan enhancements to the Businesses` legal and security taking, procedures and documentation. Review and re-draft mortgage loan offer letters and other customer documents, with emphasis on clear drafting in plain English. Manage responses to Audit Queries raised by the Central Bank (under Mortgage Backed Promissory Notes scheme) regarding BOIMB & ICS mortgage requirements, procedures and security documentation. Assist in the management of legal risk in the Group with particular emphasis on the Mortgage Business Qualifications: To be enrolled as a solicitor /registered as a legal executive Competencies: (1) Legal technical excellence. (2) Excellent written and verbal communication skills, high standards of drafting for T & Cs in Plain English (3) Commercial acumen. (4) Ability to impart legal advice in a manner that will be clearly understood by recipient. (5) Strong achievement drive. (6) Strong motivational skills (7) Ability to Prioritize workload effectively (8) Ability to influence Business decisions Skills capabilities,Able to: (1) Provide focused and comprehensive legal advice, grounded in a detailed knowledge of the legal and regulatory requirements and the business activities of the Bank in a challenging environment under strict time-constraints. (2) Carry out legal research and remaining abreast of relevant legal developments, statutes and case law. (3) Assist in the Identification and eliminate/ mitigate legal risks. (4) Ensure awareness in the management and staff of the mortgage businesses of all relevant legal regulatory and compliance issues. (5) Prioritize those elements of work that are critical to the businesses (6) Plan and give talks to various business units to increase awareness and knowledge of legal issues (in particular new legal developments) affecting the work carried out by each unit. (7) Liaise with external Solicitors and organizations.

Remuneration and benefits

To be discussed with the successful candidate Sorry, this vacancy is closed. back to search results Bank of Ireland follow a Direct Sourcing Model. If assistance is required Bank of Ireland we will engage directly with appropriate suppliers. Unsolicited CVs / contact will not be accepted.

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Vacancy Details - Bank of Ireland | Amris

Vacancies Login Vacancy Details Position Solicitor Reference 1433 Location Dublin 4 Purpose of role To provide legal advice to the Bank`s Resi...

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