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This Week at Emerson – June 5, 2011 - Emerson Unitarian

THIS WEEK AT EMERSON – MARCH 10, 2016 Emerson Unitarian Universalist Chapel -- A welcoming congregation of the UUA

Sunday – March 13, 2016 10:00 AM - Worship Service 17815 Wild Horse Creek Road (Barat Academy)

Rev. Dawn Fortune Children’s Chapel Follows the Story for All Ages 11:20 AM – Religious Ed for all Ages The Nursery is staffed from 9 AM to 1 PM – Room 142 Barbara Persch – Nursery Care Worker

Special Music: Todd Painter Song Leader: Lauren Lyerla Liturgist: Steve Harvey Board Members: Pat Baker and Victor Paglisotti Greeter: Greg Hungerford If you have a pastoral care request, please contact Rev. Dawn Fortune at [email protected] or by calling the office 636-256-7393.

Special Thanks A warm Thank You to the following for decorating and setup this Sunday, March 13, 2016: Hospitality: Marilyn Ortinau Sound: Shari Forrest Curtains, Tables, and Chairs: Lauren Lyerla, Greg Hungerford and Joy Hungerford Chalice Guild/Signs: Carole Behrer Scrip Duty: Victor Paglisotti Children’s Chapel: PJ Pyrchla and Greg Hungerford Spirit Play: Debbie Baumoel Junior Youth: Field Trip to Blue Lotus Dharma Center Senior Youth: Nicole Nichols and Victor Paglisotti

From the Interim Minister Rev. Dawn Fortune It can be scary to have challenging conversations with people, and the more important the people are to us, the more frightening those conversations can become. Admitting we made a mistake, bringing up hurt feelings, or advocating for ourselves can leave us feeling vulnerable and anxious. Sharing our vulnerability can be challenging, but often proves to be much more rewarding than painful if we dare to try. This week in worship, we will talk about some of the pros and cons of vulnerability and how to have difficult conversations with people in our lives. Our worship space will be set up differently than it has in the past – we will be experimenting with a “café-style” set-up, and look forward to hearing your feedback on the experience. Healthy congregations require healthy communication. Healthy communication requires practice and skills and a willingness to try, make mistakes, and try again. This topic is one that I feel most passionate about, in part because it is remarkably simple to learn some very basic skills that allow us to overcome this particular hurdle. I look forward to sharing this experience with you on Sunday morning!

SPRING AHEAD!!! Don’t forget that this week is SPRING FORWARD week and we set our clocks ahead an hour before turning in on Saturday night. Our phones and computers might keep track of such things for us, but if you’re like me and have a separate alarm clock, you’ll want to remember to set it ahead an hour Saturday night or you’ll arrive late for church on Sunday!

PATHWAYS TO MEMBERSHIP Session three, “All about Emerson” of the Pathways to Membership program will be offered during the Religious Education hour this week after worship. We will examine the history of Emerson UU Chapel and what it means to be a member of this congregation. New members and people interested in joining are encouraged to attend.

RITUAL OF HEALING AND CLOSURE On SATURDAY, March 26, Rev. Dawn will hold a ceremony and ritual of healing and closure at Babler Park, hopefully at the Cochran Pavilion. In the weeks leading up to that weekend, we will explore in worship and adult RE what it means to deeply feel a thing and then to let it go. Ritual can be a powerful vehicle for healing and closure, and people will be encouraged to think of all of the painful, sad, or resentment-type things that weigh on their hearts, and to bring those ideas to the park, prepared to commit them to the care of the universe and let them go. Rev. Dawn is working with members of the Emerson pagan community to integrate this ritual in a variety of spiritual practices and orientations. It is sure to be a powerful experience, and people may participate at whatever level they choose. Mark the date and watch this space for more information as the date draws closer!

From the DRE Dawn French-Bell What about the Children? Recently Cokie Roberts, NPR News analyst interviewed Donald Trump on the Morning Joe news program. Her question to Mr. Trump was concerning his effect on children of this country. She asked him if he feels proud that kids are bullying minorities in multiple instances in his name as reported by many news outlets and on social media. “When Donald Trump becomes president you will be deported…” etc. To which, Donald initially put down her question as “nasty” then proceeded to NOT answer the question, blabbering on about “Making America great again.” Cokie Roberts continued to press with the simple question “What about the children?” over and over again “What about the children?” never getting an answer from Donald Trump. Believe me when I say there is nothing I’d rather talk LESS about than Donald Trump, but this story caught my attention because this theme “What about the children” has been in the forefront of many of my conversations this week. I’ve been an advocate for children for most of my adult life, having worked in education in some capacity for (gulp) twenty years. One of the hardest truths I’ve learned is that you can’t prevent life or the world from happening to children. 9/11, death, abuse, addiction, violence, crime, ugly politics, hateful people…the list, as you know, goes on and on. We’re all in this together, we all experience the difficult part of life. But what about the children? Developmentally, it matters what kids are exposed to and when. As the adults in our children’s lives, we are tasked to provide a buffer and guidance so that kids are allowed to be kids and are not burdened by the harsh reality of adult life. That said, we also need to be there to help our kids process through the difficult life experiences that will inevitably present themselves at some point along the way. Kids are always watching and always listening. When my three little ones were dedicated here at Emerson in the Child Dedication Ceremony, Rev. Krista presented each of them a rose with the thorns removed as a symbol of the commitment of the congregation to protect their childhood years as sacred. Childhood is sacred. The holders of this covenant and responsibility are us. So, as the world seems to be a little darker at the moment in the shadow cast by Donald and others who demand that their discriminatory views be heard, I’m grateful for the light that shines here at Emerson for the parents who demand more from their leaders than a brush off comment. The conversations I’ve had this week with teachers, parents and our minister have centered on the topic of what’s best for our children, your children. I’m so proud of and grateful for our community at Emerson who invest time, energy and attention to the needs of our kids. There is light here and I’m grateful to be a part of it.

~Dawn French-Bell, DRE

Upcoming: Coming up in RE at Emerson: Junior Youth Field Trip this Sunday (3/13) to Blue Lotus Dharma Center. Please RSVP to Dawn FB. Hop-a-thon on Easter Sunday (3/27) to benefit Longview Rescue Ranch in Union, MO. RE children and youth are invited to collect pledges or flat donations to benefit this wonderful organization. A copy of the Hop-athon pledge sheet is below. They will also be available at Barat on Sunday. Here’s more info: http://longmeadowrescueranch.org/ Nestled among 165-acres of woodland near Union, Missouri, the Humane Society of Missouri’s Longmeadow Rescue Ranch is haven for hundreds of abused and neglected horses, cows, goats, pigs, ducks and other farm animals. The ranch is one of the most comprehensive horse and farm animal care and rehabilitation centers in the country. In addition to animal care, ranch staff provide hands-on humane education experiences for both children and adults.

Monday March 14th (Pi Day!) the RE Team is meeting for Happy Hour at La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill on Olive (watch for a FB invite) around 5p, please join us! All are welcome. Family Ice Skating outing on Sunday April 3rd after church at Hardee’s Iceplex in the valley. Save the date, more information to come later. Senior Youth CON, April 8-10th at First Unitarian Church, STL. Please contact Chris Gamlin or Nicole Nichols if you are planning to attend. Sunday April 17th is the RE Service. All children and youth will be participating in our RE service in some role. One way is to research and present an interesting or famous UU from history. Children and youth are invited to dress up, bring props, or present in any way that represents their UU. Dawn FB and Rev. Dawn will be offering a storytelling hour on March 20th during the RE hour to introduce the kids and youth to some choices.

March 27th (Easter Sunday) – During the RE hour, the RE kids (of all ages, up through Sr. Youth) will be participating in a Hop-a-thon for the charity of their choice. During the month of March, kids will be collecting pledges per jump or a flat donation from family and friends. Then on the Hop-a-thon day, we’ll play music and everybody will jump like bunnies to raise money. You will also see the Red Wheelbarrow near the Welcome Table at Barat on Sundays this month. Please bring in canned goods to fill the wheelbarrow to donate to Circle of Concern. All the cans collected will be used for a Canned Food Hunt (in lieu of an Easter Egg Hunt) on Easter Sunday for the RE kids on the Barat Grounds.

Inter-Generational Fleece Fest:

Coming up in the next few weeks, we will be having our second, inter-generational Fleece Fest for the Ronald McDonald House kids! If you would like to contribute funds to make this happen, please see Pat Baker to purchase Scrip gift cards from JoAnn's or me, Karyl Howard, to contribute cash (which I will amass to purchase Scrip cards). Donations of any amount will be helpful! I will then purchase the fleece when it is on sale or use coupons to reduce the price! Using Scrip also helps Emerson! The fleece will be prepared and made ready-to-tie on Fleece Fest Day! If you want to help prepare the fleece for tying some day or night at the office where there are big tables, it would be really appreciated!

The offertory collected during March and April will go to Caring Solutions. They design and provide individualized services for adults and children with developmental disabilities so they can lead fulfilling lives and discover their abilities! For more information, you can visit their website www.caringsolutions.org.

At its mid-year congregational meeting, Emerson unanimously voted to publicly support the West County Community Action Network ("WE CAN"), which is a coalition of people who live and work in West County, STL and who seek to promote justice for all. Several Emersonians are active members and leaders of WE CAN. Starting in February 2016, WE CAN's weekly #BlackLivesMatter vigil will rotate through different spots in West County. The schedule is shown in the above graphic. In addition to hosting #BlackLivesMatter vigils, WE CAN has organizing teams working to address systemic racism in West County policing, improve regional public transit resources, and reduce improper disciplining of black & brown youth in West County schools. Updates on WE CAN's work and how to get involved are regularly posted on WE CAN's Facebook page. You can also request to join WE CAN's email list by emailing [email protected] or by asking Lauren Lyerla, Victor Paglisotti, Pat Baker, or Jake Lyonfields. The vigil this Saturday, March 12th, is from 11:30am-12:30pm at the intersection of Manchester Road and 141 (under the bridge, south side).

Our Chapel Administrator, Sandy Otto, will be on vacation from March 14th through March 18th. There will be no This Week At Emerson on March 17th, and the chapel office will be closed that week.

Painless Fundraiser for Emerson Chapel:

Besides Dierbergs and Shop ‘n Save cards which are available every Sunday, many other cards can be ordered to pick up the following Sunday.

Check out the over 700 participating retailers – there’s bound to be a few you shop at regularly. See the complete list at the scrip table after services. Here are just a few of the cards available, along with the percentage of return to Emerson: Applebee’s Barnes & Noble CVS Panera Bread Home Depot Macy’s Olive Garden Whole Foods

10% 9% 6% 9% 4% 10% 9% 3%

Amazon.com Toys ‘r Us Whole Foods Starbucks Bed Bath & Beyond Bass Pro Payless Walmart/Sam’s

3% 3% 3% 7% 7% 9% 13% 2-1/2%

AMC Theaters Walgreens Marshall’s American Girl Bath & Body Works Cracker Barrel Pier One Kohl’s

You don’t pay extra for these cards; the retailers pay us!

8% 6% 7% 9% 13% 9% 9% 4%

Upcoming Calendar of Events Saturday, March 12th:

OWL Meeting – 10:00 a.m. – Chapel Office

Sunday, March 13th:

Pathways Session 3 – 11:20 a.m. at Barat Academy Jr. Youth Field Trip to Blue Lotus Dharma Center

Monday, March 14th Thru Friday, March 18th: Sandy Otto, Chapel Administrator, on Vacation Tuesday, March 15th:

Journaling CG – 7:00 p.m. – Chapel Office

Wednesday, March 16th:

Board Meeting – 6:30 p.m. – Chapel Office

Saturday, March 26th:

Ritual of Healing and Closure – Babler Park (Time TBD)

Chapel office will be closed this coming week. How/Where/When to find us: Sunday Morning 10:00 AM 17815 Wild Horse Creek Road, Chesterfield, MO 63005 (Barat Academy) Mailing & Meeting Address: 16233 Westwoods Business Park Drive, Ellisville, MO 63021 Phone: 636-256-7393 Emerson UU Chapel 2015-2016 Board of Trustees:

President: Pat Baker Immediate Past President: Nancy Belt Vice President: Mark Fish Vice President-Elect: Karyl Howard Secretary: Karyl Howard Members-At-Large: Jake Lyonfields and Victor Paglisotti Interim Minister, ex-officio: Rev. Dawn C. Fortune, Officers:

President: Pat Baker Vice President: Mark Fish Secretary: Karyl Howard Treasurer: Jake Lyonfields Assistant Treasurer: Melissa Grizzle Interim Minister – Rev. Dawn Fortune- [email protected] Affiliate Community Minister – Rev. Julie Taylor - [email protected] Director of Religious Education – Dawn French-Bell – [email protected] Office Administrator – Sandy Otto – [email protected]


This Week at Emerson – June 5, 2011 - Emerson Unitarian

THIS WEEK AT EMERSON – MARCH 10, 2016 Emerson Unitarian Universalist Chapel -- A welcoming congregation of the UUA Sunday – March 13, 2016 10:00 AM -...

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