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Syncade Document management (PDF) - Emerson

Syncade MES

Product Data Sheet January 2018

Electronic Document Management System „„Reduce complexity of managing documents. „„View entire document history. „„Document electronic signatures and access

complete audit trail of events. „„Receive notifications and escalation for rapid

response to change requests. „„Search document library using meta tags,

fuzzy logic, and full text. „„Report real-time metrics and key

performance indicators.

The document repository provides a complete view of a document’s history.


Easier Documentation Management

Is your team spending too much time managing paperwork? Are documents lost or compliance audits more complicated because of an inefficient manual system?

Complete Document Lifecycle Management. The Electronic Document Management System solution provides online document storage, single- and multi-document change control, automatic routing, document check-in and check-out, version management, archived records management, and printing.

Streamline approvals, prepare for audits, and reduce the paper footprint in your facility by moving to an electronic document management solution. You will not only eliminate paper files, but you can also automate approvals, reporting, and searches. Use the Syncade Electronic Document Management System solution to reduce the complexity of your documentation management. For industries under cGXP regulations, Syncade is fully compliant with all relevant cGXP regulations, including 21CFR Part 11. The Electronic Document Management System solution provides the functionality you need to make sure that your regulatory assets are safeguarded and proactively managed.

An audit trail records every change throughout the document lifecycle and a complete record of document history is easily viewable at any time. Powerful Change Request Management. Configure change request workflows, including a conditional review option, serial and parallel review and approval, role or user assignments, and delegation management of review and approval assignments. The Personalized Change Request pane displays all change requests requiring attention, helping to keep workload organized and increasing throughput.

Electronic Document Management System Access to Controlled Documentation. While many people in your facility need access to documents to adhere to standard operating procedures, you also want to limit the ability to make changes. The Document Kiosk program provides limited access to specific documents, reducing the risk of procedure non-compliance. This feature streamlines the effort of issuing controlled document copies. Multiple SOP binders are no longer necessary.

January 2018 eDMS is licensed as a complete solution, including all Syncade software modules necessary to ensure your document management requirements are met. Batch Production Records. Ensure that only the current effective master production record is used. In addition, automatically update the appropriate packages and package classes to use the most current version of a document.

Streamlined Review and Approval. Document review and approval is easy, convenient, and as close as your inbox. Launch approvals and change requests from your email for quick workflow completion. Periodic and obsolescence review workflows take the aggravation out of annual document review and document retirement. Simplify Validation and Commissioning. The Electronic Document Management System is a zero-client, web-based solution. Quickly install, validate, and deploy the solution from a centralized server. Whether tracking hundreds or tens of thousands of documents and change requests, you will quickly and easily find that all your document asset management and regulatory needs are met.

Complete Solution Electronic Document Management is a complete solution for storing documents such as electronic work instructions, electronic batch records, formulations, material safety data sheets, and SOPs. Easily search for and instantly access the documents you need. The module also makes the document review and approval process easy and efficient. Time spent on document and change request management, as well as the subsequent review and approval cycles, is dramatically reduced. The solution’s intuitive, user-friendly interface makes it easy to quickly create, revise, and securely manage all types of documents. As an integrated Microsoft .NET application, the module provides scalability for the largest enterprise needs, while allowing smaller facilities to quickly leverage its benefits.


Reviewing and completing a change request is easy. You can seamlessly complete the transition from a paper-based manual manufacturing record system to a computer-supported batch record system without drastic changes to current processes. Go Mobile. The Electronic Document Management Mobile option allows you to use a wireless device to: „„

View effective documents in your various document repositories. Repositories are access-protected.


Review, comment, and approve documents as part of your change management responsibilities.


Access and respond to training certification requests supported through documents and version control.


Electronic Document Management System

January 2018 Training & Development. Document version training is automatic with Electronic Document Management. Change requests, which impact training requirements, are recognized and training administrators and users are notified of any document version training due. You can also receive notifications of associated class schedules and training set to expire. The Self- Certification feature allows you to see all document-related training requirements in one convenient window. Document tasks in the Training module can be imported directly from Document Management repositories.

Other Syncade Smart Operations Management Solutions Syncade supports several Operations Management solutions. Visit our website to see the complete list. Easily view and approve documents on your mobile device. Federated Search. Deploy at the site level, with the flexibility to allow each site to define user groups, security, and other system implementation attributes to meet unique needs. Structure the site to fit your needs and still access information from other global sites quickly and easily.

General System Requirements One or more network application servers running Microsoft SQL Server are required to support Syncade solutions. For client access, a PC with Internet Explorer is needed. Please consult the factory for further details regarding hardware requirements and software versions.

Solution Name

Part Number

Electronic Document Management Solution


Electronic Document Management Mobile Solution


Electronic Document Management Users - Tier 1 (1-200 users)


Electronic Document Management Users - Tier 2 (201+ users)


Emerson North America, Latin America: +1 800 833 8314 or +1 512 832 3774 Asia Pacific: +65 6777 8211 Europe, Middle East: +41 41 768 6111 www.emerson.com/syncade

©2018, Emerson. All rights reserved. The Emerson logo is a trademark and service mark of Emerson Electric Co. All other marks are the property of their respective owners. The contents of this publication are presented for informational purposes only, and while every effort has been made to ensure their accuracy, they are not to be construed as warranties or guarantees, express or implied, regarding the products or services described herein or their use or applicability. All sales are governed by our terms and conditions, which are available on request. We reserve the right to modify or improve the designs or specifications of our products at any time without notice.


Syncade Document management (PDF) - Emerson

Syncade MES Product Data Sheet January 2018 Electronic Document Management System „„Reduce complexity of managing documents. „„View entire document ...

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