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OSFI supervises federally regulated pension plans and Pooled Registered Pension Plans (PRPPs) and intervenes in a timely manner to protect members and beneficiaries of pension plans from loss, while recognizing that plan administrators are responsible for the plan's management and that pension plans can experience financial and funding difficulties that can result in the reduction of expected benefits. Read more

Recently Posted Life Income Funds, Restricted Life Income Funds, and Variable Benefits [ 2017-12-21 ] InfoPensions – Issue 18 – November 2017 [ 2017-11-21 ] Revised Frequently Asked Questions [ 2017-11-20 ] Remittance of Pension Plan Assessments for PBSA Plans [ 2017-10-30 ] Instruction Guide for the Preparation of Actuarial Reports for Defined Benefit Pension Plans [ 2017-10-04 ] Annual Filing Process for Pension Plans [ 2017-09-28 ] Draft Guideline - Derivatives Sound Practices for Pension Plans [ 2017-07-31 ] Guidance: Default investment options for PRPPs [ 2017-07-17 ]

Modified Date: 2017-12-21


Pension Plan Administrators - OSFI-BSIF

Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Home > Pension Plans > Pension Plan Administrators Pension Plan Administrators Subscribe to Pe...

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