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Manuals and Job Aids - Florida Department of Management Services

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Manuals and Job Aids We encourage you to use the manuals and job aids listed below for all the information you need. If you have suggestions for manual or job aid additions, please e-mail [email protected] Manuals:

MFMP Buyer Manual (

1.96 MB) (Updated March 7, 2018)

MFMP eQuote Manual (

3.02 MB)

MFMP Reporting Manual (

2.40 MB)

System Administrator Manual ( VBS Manual (

1.16 MB)

1,007.34 KB)

Job Aids:

Accounting Details Job Aid ( Change Order Job Aid (

655.35 KB) (Updated February 28, 2018)

146.75 KB)

Commodity Code Job Aid (

549.12 KB)

Contracts Screen Shot Guide ( Cycle Time Job Aid ( eInvoicing Job Aid (

1.37 MB)

947.69 KB) 211.86 KB)

Entering Payments Made in FLAIR in MFMP ( eQuote Award Scenario Job Aid ( eQuote Best Practices Job Aid (

1.81 MB) 402.73 KB)

eQuote Closing Open Events Job Aid ( eQuote Creation Job Aid (

687.07 KB)

502.70 KB)

763.78 KB)

eQuote Customizing Vendor Notification Messages Job Aid ( eQuote Export/Import Job Aid ( eQuote Meta Tag Job Aid (

286.23 KB)

664.89 KB)

299.27 KB)

eQuote Practical Exercises Final Payment Indicator Job Aid (

171.61 KB)

Finance and Accounting Quick Reference Guide ( FLAIR Integration: Invoices (

228.88 KB)

FLAIR Integration: Requisitions ( IE Compatibility Job Aid (

226.23 KB)

741.76 KB) (Updated November 8, 2017)

Invoice Adjustment Job Aid (

372.96 KB)

IR Accounting Mass Edit Update eForm Job Aid ( Manual Match Job Aid (

299.21 KB)

653.53 KB)

Method of Procurement Decision Tree ( MFMP Best Practices (

178.16 KB)

502.96 KB)

Negative Receiving Job Aid (

437.54 KB)

Scanning and File Attachment Guidelines ( Secure Reports Job Aid (

315.45 KB)

1,001.48 KB)

Setting Up Purchase Orders (

383.18 KB)

System Administrator CR-154 Job Aid (

315.57 KB)

Transaction Fee Exemption Code Crosswalk ( VBS Tips and Tricks (

200.93 KB)

42.35 KB)

265.42 KB) (Updated January 25, 2018)

Vendor Inactivation Job Aid for Agency Customers ( Year-End Reports Job Aid ( Year-End Tips and Tricks (

549.95 KB) 742.94 KB)

Document reader download link Adobe PDF Reader

624.77 KB) (Updated October 20, 2017)

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Manuals and Job Aids - Florida Department of Management Services

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