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Breaking News Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 Released, Valve Improves Steam Privacy Settings, New Distribution Specification Project for Containers and More (/content/red-hatenterprise-linux-75-released-valveimproves-steam-privacy-settings-newdistribution)


Jill Franklin (/users/jill-franklin) April 11, 2018

Simple Cloud Hardening (/content/simple-cloud-hardening)

Feral Interactive Releases GameMode, YouTube Music Videos Hacked, Oregon Passes Net Neutrality Law and More (/content/feral-interactive-releasesgamemode-youtube-music-videoshacked-oregon-passes-net)

Kyle Rankin (/users/kyle-rankin) April 10, 2018

Jill Franklin (/users/jill-franklin) April 10, 2018 open source (/tag/open-source) (/content/osis-simon-phipps-open-sources-past-and-future)

OSI's Simon Phipps on Open Source's Past and Future (/content/osissimon-phipps-opensources-past-and-future)

(/content/blockchain-part-iintroduction-and-cryptocurrency) Blockchain, Part I: Introduction and Cryptocurrency (/content/blockchainpart-i-introduction-and-cryptocurrency) Petros Koutoupis (/users/petros-koutoupis) April 9, 2018

With an eye on the future, the Open Source Initiative's president sits down and talks with Linux Journal about the organization's 20-year history. It would be difficult for anyone who follows Linux and open source to have missed the 20th birthday of open source (http://www.zdnet.com/article/opensource-turns-20) in early February. This was a dual celebration, actually, noting the passing of 20 years since the term "open source" was first coined and since the formation of the Open Source Initiative (http://opensource.org) (OSI), the organization that decides whether software licenses qualify to wear that label.


Christine Hall (/users/christine-hall) - April 11, 2018

Weekend Reading: Sysadmin 101 (/content/weekend-reading-sysadmin101) Kyle Rankin (/users/kyle-rankin) April 6, 2018

Rise of the Tomb Raider Coming to Linux This Month, phpMyAdmin New Release, Canonical's Kernel Update for RPi 2 and More (/content/rise-tomb-raider-cominglinux-month-phpmyadmin-new-releasecanonicals-kernel-update-rpi-2) Jill Franklin (/users/jill-franklin) April 9, 2018

Matthew Garrett Calls on Symantec to Share Its Code, EFF Questions Google's Work on Project Maven and More (/content/matthew-garrett-callssymantec-share-its-code-eff-questionsgoogles-work-project-maven-and) Jill Franklin (/users/jill-franklin) April 6, 2018

Subutai Blockchain Router v2.0, NixOS New Release, Slimbook Curve and More (/content/subutai-blockchain-router-v20nixos-new-release-slimbook-curve-andmore) Jill Franklin (/users/jill-franklin) April 5, 2018

Richard Stallman's Privacy Proposal, Valve's Commitment to Linux, New WordPress Update and More (/content/richard-stallmans-privacyproposal-valves-commitment-linux-newwordpress-update-and-more) Jill Franklin (/users/jill-franklin) April 4, 2018 see more news >> (/news)

Promote Drupal Initiative Announced at DrupalCon (/content/promotedrupal-initiativeannounced-drupalcon)

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Katherine Druckman (/users/katherine-druckman) - April 11, 2018

(/content/promote-drupal-initiative-announced-drupalcon)Yesterday's Keynote from Drupal project founder, Dries Buytaert, kicked off the annual North American gathering of Drupalists from around the world, and also kicked off a new Drupal community initiative aimed at promoting the Drupal platform through a coordinated marketing effort using funds raised within the community.

Best Programming Language (/content/best-programminglanguage)

Most Popular (/content/return-values-bashfunctions) Returning Values from Bash Functions (/content/return-valuesbash-functions)

Carlie Fairchild (/users/carlie-fairchild) - April 6, 2018

Surprise—Python wins again! Here's the breakdown (the contenders listed below were nominated by LJ readers via Twitter):

Mitch Frazier (/users/mitchfrazier)

(/content/best-programming-language) Bash Arrays

Tackling L33t-Speak (/content/tackling-l33t-speak)

(/content/bash-arrays) (/content/bash-arrays)

Dave Taylor (/users/dave-taylor) - April 5, 2018

Mitch Frazier (/users/mitchfrazier)

How to script a l33t-speak translator. My daughter and I were bantering with each other via text message this morning as we often do, and I dropped into a sort of mock "leet speak". She wasn't impressed, but it got me thinking about formulaic substitutions in language and how they represent interesting programming challenges.

Downloading an Entire Web Site with wget (/content/downloadingentire-web-site-wget)


How Wizards and Muggles Break Free from the Matrix (/content/how-wizardsand-muggles-break-freematrix)

Dashamir Hoxha (/user/1002681)

(/content/best-programminglanguage) Best Programming Language (/content/bestprogramming-language)

Doc Searls (/users/doc-searls) - April 4, 2018

(/content/how-wizards-and-muggles-break-free-matrix)First we invented a world where everyone could be free. Then

Carlie Fairchild (/users/carliefairchild)

we helped build feudal castles on it, where everyone now lives. Now it's time to blow up those castles by giving everybody much better ways to use their freedom than they ever would enjoy in a castle. I'm going to mix movie metaphors here. You'll see why.

Caption This (/content/caption) Carlie Fairchild (/users/carlie-fairchild) - April 4, 2018

Each month, we provide a cartoon in need of a caption. You submit your caption, we choose three finalists, and readers vote for their favorite. The winning caption for this month's cartoon will appear in the May issue of Linux Journal. To enter, simply type in your caption in the comments below or email us, [email protected]


Now Available: April 2018 issue of Linux Journal (/content/nowavailable-april-2018issue-linux-journal)


Carlie Fairchild (/users/carlie-fairchild) - April 2, 2018

Linux Journal's April issue takes a Deep Dive Into the Cloud. (/content/now-available-april-2018-issue-linux-journal)Articles in this issue include:

see more recent articles >> (/recent)

Cooking With Linux Without a Net: AI, Chatbots, Build Failures and Manga-Themed Linux It's time for "Cooking With Linux Without A Net".

(/video/cooking-linux-without-net-ai-chatbots-build-failures-and-manga-themed-linux) Video by Marcel Gagné (/users/marcel-gagn%C3%A9) on April 11, 2018


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New Site Feedback? (http://github.com/kdruckman/linux-journal/issues) (/) Breaking News Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 Released, Valve Improves Steam...

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