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The Debt Collection Management Staff (DCM) provides the operational, litigation support, policy and client support services, training, and reporting needed to fa the collection of debts owed to the United States Government. NATIONWIDE CENTRAL INTAKE FACILITY

The Nationwide Central Intake Facility (NCIF), located in Washington, D.C., is the central location at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) where Federal Agen should refer civil debts for litigation and enforced collection. Referral packages should contain a Claims Collection Litigation Report (CCLR), a Certificate of Indebtedness (COI), credit data obtained within the past six months which shows an ability to recover from the debtor, and any other supporting information and material available. Information on referrals to DOJ is in the Federal Claims Collection Standards at 31 C.F.R. 904. Claims Collection Litigation Report (CCLR) - instructions Claims Collection Litigation Report (CCLR) - fillable form Claims Collection Litigation Report (CCLR) - encryption instructions Sample Certificate of Indebtedness (COI) Sample Bankruptcy Proof of Claim

For more information download the Agency Briefing Guide or contact us at: [email protected] Please DO NOT send unencrypted forms to this address. Contac for instructions to protect Privacy Protected Information. If you owe the government money and have been notified that your debt has been referred to DOJ, please contact the DCM Help Desk at (202) 532-4343. Back to Top DEBT ACCOUNTING OPERATIONS GROUP

The Debt Accounting Operations Group (DAOG) provides financial services for the receipt, disbursement, accounting, and reporting of payments received from on behalf of debtors whose debts are being collected by various components of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). The vast majority of the debts for which payments are received are referred to DOJ by other agencies of the Federal government. The primary means for the disbursement of debtor payments to Fede agencies is the Treasury, Intra-governmental Payment and Collection System (IPAC). DAOG also disburses funds to non-Federal recipients through the issua Treasury checks, or electronic transfers via the Automated Clearing House service (ACH).

If you are a non-federal entity (victim in a criminal case, relator in a qui tam case, debtor expecting a refund), and you need to inquire about your Federal payme please contact the DOJ, United States Attorneys' Office, Litigating Division, or Private Counsel Office that is handling your debt. Federal Agencies may contact the DCM-DAOG staff to request disbursement /accounting information for a debt referred to DOJ at [email protected] Back to Top PRIVATE COUNSEL PROGRAM

The Private Counsel Program (PCP) is the point of contact for law firms contracted to collect debts owed to the Federal government. DOJ launched the PCP fo the passage of the Federal Debt Recovery Act of 1986 which first authorized the use of private law firms for this purpose. The PCP, part of the Debt Collection Management Staff in Washington, D.C., runs the program with oversight by the United States Attorney's Offices at the district level. The program is currently ru in 19 districts nationwide with further expansion planned. Authorizing Legislation/Regulation: Section 3718 of Title 31 of U.S. Code

Solicitations for private counsel services are distributed solely through the General Service Administration's electronic posting system website. Counsel interested in obtaining a Request for Proposals (RFP) from the Department to enable them to bid on debt collection business should visit the Federal Bu Opportunities website. The RFP provides instructions about how to prepare bids and the estimated number of cases and amount of debt that may be referred to Private Counse the specific judicial district. Paper copies of RFPs are not available. Back to Top ANNUAL REPORTS TO CONGRESS

Annual Reports to Congress 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 Back to Top CONTACT THE STAFF

Dennis Dauphin, Director, Debt Collection Management Staff Phone: (202) 532-4343 Back to Top Attachments: Download 2015 Debt Collection Annual Report Download doj_debt_collection_annual_report_apr_web_version_final.pdf

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Debt Collection Management Staff | JMD | Department of Justice

DEBT COLLECTION MANAGEMENT STAFF Nationwide Central Intake Facility | Debt Account Operations Group | Private Counsel Program | Annual Reports to Cong...

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