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Administrator Quick Start Guide - Cengage

Administrator Quick Start Guide For Enabling MindLinks for Blackboard Partner Cloud

Angel 8.x

Cengage Learning’s MindLinks provide seamless, powerful integration with Blackboard Partner Cloud and your institution’s Learning Management System. This enables instructors to add Cengage content to their courses, eliminate multiple logins for students and automatically transfer assignment scores back to the LMS gradebook. Follow the procedures outlined in this document to configure the Blackboard Cloud to use Cengage Learning MindLinks.

Administrator Email The information required for you to configure the Blackboard Partner Cloud is included in the email for administrators that you received from Cengage Learning. If you have not received the email, please contact Cengage Learning support and confirm the administrator email is correct.

>> Click MindLinks Parameters in the administrator email to retrieve the configuration parameters for the Blackboard Cloud including School ID, Key and Secret. >> Note the School ID is not needed for configuration on Angel.

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Cengage Partner Cloud Integration In order to enable the Cengage integration within ANGEL, an administrator must first go through the following steps to install the custom integration code. If this has already been completed you can proceed to the next section “Configure Blackboard Cloud”. >> For Blackboard hosted clients, the administrator should work with the Blackboard Managed Hosting team. In order to complete this process you will need: -

The “Commercial Content Installer”, this can be obtained from your Cengage Learning representative.


System Administration Access to your Angel LMS


Access to the AngelRoot folder


Access to the Angel Database (SQL Management Studio)

Step 1: Unzip the file. >> The zip file contains the source code for the solution in the AngelRoot folder and a SQL install script which must be run on your ANGEL database. Step 2: Copy the AngelRoot folder over your existing ANGEL site’s AngelRoot folder. Step 3: Open the Install.sql script within SQL Management Studio and run it against your ANGEL database >> An External Tool Provider has now been created into your ANGEL system along with custom environment variables and a content option for ‘Add Commercial Content’ Step 4: Verify and complete the installation of the External Tool Provider and additional settings: Verify “External Tools” a. As an administrator, select the Administrator Console, select External Tools within the Tool Configuration nugget. b. Select the Commercial Content option. c. Review the Tool Settings values and the Default Configuration values. Click the Commercial Content link to edit the settings. a. The Organizational Unit designates the top level of the Institutional Hierarchy for which the provider applies. b. The Tool Provider Name is ‘Commercial Content’ by default. Page 3 of 7

c. The Provider Url is set to [site]/v1/cp/lti. d. The Domain Status is set to ‘Excluded’, click the ‘Approved’ radio button. e. The Default Configuration should be set to ‘Set Globally’. f.

Enter the Tool Provider Key and Tool Provider Secret values provided by Blackboard.

g. The Tool Provider Custom Parameters are not required for the Cengage integration and should be left blank. d. Review the additional settings to verify information that will be shared with the new tool provider. e. Select Save Verify “Environmental Variables” f.

As an administrator, select the Administrator Console, select Environment Variables option in the Enterprise Configuration nugget.

g. Search for the environment variables to verify each exists: PC_INTEGRATION_URL, PC_TOOL_URL, and PC_CONFIG_URL. Verify the new ‘Add Commercial Content’ option exists. h. From the Lessons tab, select Add Content, then expand More Options, verify Add Commercial Content.

Configure Blackboard Cloud This section walks through the process of configuring Cengage Learning as commercial content on Blackboard Cloud. In order to complete this process you will need: -

System Administration Access to your Angel LMS


The Consumer Key and Secret that was sent in the email referenced in the first section.

Step 1: Access the Administrator Console – Institution [tab] - Commercial content in ANGEL. >> Partner Cloud Service displays the list of available Tool Providers. Locate “Cengage Learning MindLinks”

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Step 2: Selects the Settings option in the contextual drop-down menu for Cengage. >> Partner Cloud Service displays the Cengage settings page.

Step 3: Paste the Consumer Key & Consumer Key credentials from the Cengage Email into the respective fields.

Step 4: Ensure the settings are configured as follows: 

‘Share User Information’ Yes

‘Accept Grades from Cengage’  Yes

Step 5: Press the ‘Submit’ button to confirm all settings.

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>> Partner Cloud Service saves the Cengage configuration. >> Partner Cloud Service displays an inline confirmation receipt informing the user that Cengage configuration information was successfully saved. IMPORTANT: If there is a problem with the Cengage MindLinks configuration after you submit, the page remains open. An error message displays under Registration Status. Review the entries for the Key and Secret to confirm that they match the values in the administrator email.

Step 6: Select the ‘Set Available’ option in the contextual menu drop-down list next to the Cengage.

>> Cengage tools are available for users to use within Blackboard.

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Confirm Settings As an administrator you will be able to access the Commercial Content Tools by performing the following: Access “Resources” Tab  “Launch Commercial Content Tools” and be able to view the Cengage Logo in the Premium partner Carousal.

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Administrator Quick Start Guide - Cengage

Administrator Quick Start Guide For Enabling MindLinks for Blackboard Partner Cloud Angel 8.x Cengage Learning’s MindLinks provide seamless, powerfu...

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